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We welcome families at Immanuel Church and want you to feel comfortable bringing your children to worship.

Francois Verbeeck

During our worship service children are encouraged to remain in the service with their parents. Coloring pages or paper is always available. There is also a room next to our worship space if you feel your child needs a few minutes to get the wiggles out. For school age children, we produce question sheets every week, called Fact Finders, to help them follow the sermon.

On Sundays when we celebrate the Lord's Supper, we have a creche for pre-school children during the sermon. (This is usually the third Sunday in the month.)

Children must remain in the care of their parents while at Immanuel Church.


The Buzz

School Years 1–5



11:45am – 12:45pm

In Term Time


"Genesis to Revelation"

School Years 6–9



12 noon – 1pm

In Term Time


Over three years we do an overview of the big story of the whole Bible, all the way from Genesis (the first book of the Bible) to Revelation (the last book). Hence the name, G2R. Each week we read parts of the Bible, often aided by games, drama and puzzles, and discuss what these truths tell us about God and ourselves. We also discuss how these truths should impact our daily lives now. 

As part of our vision to be a vibrant, reformed church offering God's grace to the people of Brentford, we want everyone to have a chance to be welcomed into a safe, fun environment where they can get to know other kids and learn all about the wonderful things Jesus has done. We pack the hour full of games, crafts, quizzes, singing and stories from the Bible. The club is free and open to all children.

Kids Clubs

All our volunteers are DBS checked and we ensure they are trained on good safeguarding practices and proceedures. Our elders review the church Safeguarding policy every year.

The safeguarding coodinators are Su Larson and Ieke Hilmy, so they are the people to contact to ask any questions or raise concerns.


In 2018, we created a video featuring the children of Immanuel Church telling the Christmas story in their own words. They narrated the text from the book of Luke, illustrated the events, described the joys and fears, and explained why we all need a Saviour. This video captures the wonder of children as they tell of the amazing gift of Jesus Christ, God incarnate. 

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